All Your Goals, Planned & Accomplished.

Keep your aspirations progressing and become your best.

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A personal development tool to help you continually progress your life goals. Featuring your own digital assistant to help clarify, progress and achieve any of your aspirations in life.

Connect with your goals and practice them as experts do.

We might know our goals and aspirations on a high level, but without really drilling down into them they can often remain impractical.

Your personal goal coach Guru has been trained on the cutting edge principles of goal setting to help you make them more achievable and bring them into reality.

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A repository of all your progress & achievements.

We can sometimes become unmotivated,we lose sight of how far we’ve come, over-estimating how much we can get done in a day, but under-estimating how much we can get done in a year.

Tracking your progress will help give you motivation and satisfaction. Whether you progress one hour a day or one hour a month. Identify areas of life that are missing your time.

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We have so much potential

Explore and work on ourselves

We want to claim back the freedom to explore and work on ourselves, from a society constantly trying to quiet us with easy short-term options and instant-gratification but long term un-fulfillment. Popular advertising would rather would have us consume and buy things we don’t need rather than work on our true, meaningful selves. We want to help change that.

Persistance matters more than talent or genius

Greatness doesn't often just spring into existence. The Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci over the course of 4 years... So it's to be expected that our creations and goals might take us a long time to complete also. Through perseverence we will eventually arrive at Excellence. Our mission is to power incremental progress on ourselves and in turn humanity at large.

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